Morning Star

International Festival of Arts


Development of spiritual and cultural values of a person for the fuller existence of a Personality.


“International festival of arts “Morning star” is a prestigious and truly well established international forum. We present a rich palette of young talents, different art forms, many traditions and cultural events.

In this way, international forum “Morning Star” gives a beautiful opportunity to thousands of young talents, and lively minds to present, develop and improve upon their potential, our mission and the ideal goal.


With every edition, International arts festival “Morning star” attracts many participants and is gaining popularity in Bulgaria and abroad.

  • International forum

    Every year we welcome participants from over 13 countries.

  • Rich history

    Festival “Morning star” has been held over 37 times.

  • Scene for self expression

    Every year “Morning star” welcomes over 4000 participants.

Why the festival is special?

  • Giving an opportunity to talented children and adults to display their abilities to the fullest.
  • Development of multiple art forms, and encouragement of young people to participate in art related practices.
  • Exchange of creative experience.
From 2008 there have been XXVII editions of the festival, in the ski resort Bansko, Albena Resort, Sunny beach Resort, Golden sands Resort; in cities Sozopol, Chernomorets, Kovachevtsi, Pernik and Sofia.

To this day every year our festivals welcome over 4000 participants from Bulgaria and from abroad. The participants are children and youth, as well as adults, inspired by different art forms.

The contest is open to all – individual participants, public centers, Youth houses, Academies, Children’s palaces, private schools, studios, clubs, etc.. At this day the festival has earned its popularity in Bulgaria, Ukraine, Russia, Macedonia, Greece, Turkey, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Estonia, Georgia, France, Romania, etc…

  • Collaboration between the leaders and comradery between the collectives.
  • Promotion of worldly and national cultural values.

We believe that in every artistic person there are incredible possibilities and infinite potential for development. Our most valuable goal – to give a space in which we could open doors to this potential and every year see the progress of every participant. Feedback is the key to growth of a person, and our formats provide exactly that – orientation in the space and a search for further inspiration.




Golden Sands


From Bansko to Albena, IFA “Morning Star” has different and unique editions. Becaome a part of one!

IFA Chernomorec – Sozopol

August 16, 2023 @ 8:00 am - August 24, 2023 @ 5:00 pm

IFA Bansko 2023

November 29, 2023 @ 8:00 am - December 3, 2023 @ 8:00 am


March 30 @ 8:00 am - April 3 @ 5:00 pm

IFA Morning Star Golden sands – July 2024

June 30 @ 8:00 am - July 7 @ 5:00 pm

Be a part of more than 4000 participants worldwide

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