At the school, your children will study painting (watercolor, tempera), graphics and graphic techniques (gratage, ink pen), basics of composition, basics of perspective, applied techniques.

Head of the school – Elena Kostadinova, pedagogue, graduated from Oryol State University – master’s degree /art teacher/, practicing artist:

2010 participation in a general exhibition in Belogradchik

1999-2012 – participated in all general exhibitions in the “M. Gogev” gallery, Pernik

2008 – took part in an open-air exhibition in the city of Zlatograd

2007 – plein air Dryanovo

2006 – plein air Delchevo

2005 – International Plein Air – Rudartsi

2003 – participated in the exhibition “Pechenga” – Murmansk/Russia

2001 – solo exhibition, city of Pernik “Watercolors and Mood”.

1993-1997 – teacher of graphics, painting, composition, applied art and sculpture at art school in Nikel – Russia.

1996 – teacher at a summer art camp at the invitation of the Syd-Varanger Municipality – Norway

1996 – participated in a general exhibition in Tromsø/Norway.

1995 – participation in an exhibition in Kirkenes/Norway.

“Palitra” School began its activity in 1998. Education in the school is conducted in the following areas: Graphics, Painting / tempera, watercolor/, Composition, Sculpture / salt dough, clay/, Applied arts / batik, paper plastic, papier-mâché, textiles, etc./. The students of the school participate and win in national and international exhibitions and competitions. Graduates of the school continue their education with a fine arts profile in – SHUPI, NGII, Professional High School of Photography and Printing, Professional High School of Textiles and Fashion Design

Classes are held:

Wednesday and Friday from 4:00 p.m. to 5:15 p.m. / Iztok quarter, “Lom” street #20/

See the works of students from the school HERE

Art Studio “Seven Wonders”

ART ATELIER/Iztok square, “Lom” street No. 20/


Art Studio “Seven Wonders” – this is the world of creativity, bright colors and inspiration. We invite children to training in choreography, visual and applied art. Under the guidance of experienced teachers, we will find a way to the creative development of each child.

Speaking about our goals and tasks, we must note that activities at the “Seven Wonders” Art Studio are always a pleasure! We teach children to love themselves and the world around them with the help of creativity.

For us, natural development is important, in which there are no requirements and regulations, because every child is a talented, individual and unique person. There are no poorly drawn pictures, unsuccessful movements, because everything a child does is priceless!

When something goes wrong, our teachers will always help, explain, support and guide the children.

Our doors are always open to those who want to develop, improve, discover new talents and succeed!

Doing art in childhood is the best way to develop a child’s creative abilities. In the iso-studio, we will help your child to touch the world, filled with the unique beauty of shapes and colors, to feel the uniqueness in everything that surrounds him and to form a sense of the beautiful for life. Taste, harmony, ability to think artistically, coordination of movements, fine motor skills – all this is achieved through activities in the iso-studio.